Projects  Funded  in 2016 - 2017 by
Book  Sale  Proceeds

$150,000 for ACLD Support
Direct support for the ACLD for Adult and Children’s programming, library materials, and other library needs.
$8,600 in Scholarships for Library Personnel
Pays half of the tuition of Library Personnel who apply for successfully completed higher education coursework. A number of Library Staff have completed their Master of Library Science degrees through this program.
$3,000 for literacy projects, including
    the Community Learning Conference,
    Summer Reader Palooza, and
    Literacy Tutor Training
        and Program Materials.
 $4,000 for the ACLD Foundation
A gift to Katherine’s Tree, the Foundation’s endowment fund
$7,700 “Snuggle Up and Read”
Support for distribution of books to all Head Start students in over 50 classes and toward the costs of the Snuggle Up and Read Center at the Headquarters Library.
$2,500 Mini-grant Program
FOL awards grants to 501-(c)3 organizations for projects related to literacy, literature, library awareness, etc.